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Thursday March 05, 2015

It is with great mixed emotion to announce that RISE will be closing for good at the end of April 2015. As many of you know, our lease expired several years ago and we have been open since on borrowed time.

It’s been an amazing run of over 16 years which is rare in the club business and even rarer for a club that never served a drop of alcohol. I would like to personally thank and mention Alan Pottak who not only helped finance the RISE sound system when we ran out of money in the beginning, but also installed, maintained, tuned and repaired it over the years keeping it as good as new to this day.

It wasn’t easy in the least, but Myself, Darrin, Mike and the entire RISE staff are very proud of what we delivered each week. As for Mike Swells, without him, RISE would have closed a few years ago when Darrin and I moved to Brooklyn. Mike is the reason it kept going and he deserves a big thank you from all.

With that said, we have an amazing 2 months of closing parties planned which begin this very weekend. Part 1 of those parties are in March and Part 2 are in April (announced soon). I know I speak for the entire RISE staff (past and present) when I say how much we all appreciate each and every one of you who come and dance and socialize in the wee hours of the night in the sleepy town called Boston.

Thank you

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