Introducing: The RISEcast Mix Series

Wednesday March 05, 2014

RISE is proud to present a new series of DJ mixes featuring both immense Boston talent and sought-after international artists who have graced the decks of 306 Stuart St.  •  •  •  •   Be sure to Keep Reading...

Wide Awake In The Hub: The RISE Pre-Game

Wednesday March 05, 2014

words: Sarah Ikerd The challenge in Boston isn't tracking down electronic music; it's choosing which events to attend and deciding whether or not to sleep! RISE is of course at the epicenter of the nocturnal dance culture being that it's the city's only after-hours destination, with what many... Keep Reading...

Meet RISE Resident Will Monotone

Thursday February 27, 2014

[Original interview by Glowkids & Fuse]   Were you a DJ or producer first? At what age did you start and what inspired you to do it?I was a DJ first; I started back when I was maybe 14 and I was terrible. Trying to mix on two belt driven turntables was probably the hardest point in my career. I was inspired at how one person could control a crowd of people the way... Keep Reading...

Max Graham Releases Cycles 5 Mix

Tuesday January 28, 2014

Join us at RISE on Friday, February 7th for an epic journey into trance. Your guide is none other than international superstar Max Graham, who has since the early nineties been producing those spine-tingling, monstrously melodic tracks that make you close your eyes or lift your hands in reverence. Thus far 2014 finds Graham with two major releases already under his belt: The explosive big-room bomb "Lekker" on his own label... Keep Reading...

Meet RISE Resident Bamboora

Tuesday January 28, 2014

[Original interview by Glowkids & Fuse]   Whether at his monthly RISE parties, Prime, Ocean Club, or other MASS EDMC shows, partygoers from the area have definitely seen Bamboora around. Playing different types of events and venues, he doesn’t form to one genre, but instead takes the versatile route to fill them all out. Read the interview to find out why he still considers himself an... Keep Reading...


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